Questions questions & more questions

When we were young, we’d overwhelm our parents with questions. Why is the sky blue? Why don’t they get along? Do I have to? 

At some point we stop, we stop asking the questions. I want to ask you, why?
Elaine loves to ask questions. She asks the same question over and over and over, even though she knows she’ll get the same answer. She’ll ask silly questions to strangers such as, “do you own a vacuum?” or “what do you do when you see a bear”? she’s not one for small talk. She asks many questions about meal times, because food takes up a majority of her thoughts. I mean food also takes up a majority of my thoughts(anyone else?), however for her it’s compulsive. To understand the plan for the day she asks questions and when something doesn’t go to plan she’ll ask many many many more questions as to why that is.
I grew to love and appreciate the questions. Because it got me to thinking, when did our childlike curiosity end? Through her questions I was forced to answer things I otherwise wouldn’t think about. Why am I doing a certain thing? Is it important?
I’m sure our parents didn’t enjoy being ask the questions, but they are important. They are challenging us to think differently.
Elaine is such a gift- she’s given me patience to listen through the repetition. If you are getting annoyed with her questions, she senses it, and asks more and more and more. You have no choice to be patient–which carries out into many other relationships. She makes people stop and question the way things are and why they are that way. Are you ok with it? Is it right? Her millions of questions inspire questions in me and I hope they can inspire questions for you as well.

My Why

Hi there friend,

I wanted to invite you to dive into my heart so you can know a little bit about the gal behind the lens. This post is about why I chose to pour myself into wedding photography. Enjoy! 🙂

My goal is to capture love, to capture a thousand words of love. A wedding day is the beginning of legacy that will be passed down from generation to generation. A wedding day is the beginning of a families’ story and I want to capture every detail, every raw, unfiltered, joyful, giggly, tearful, emotion of the beginning. I want 60 years to go by and when their granddaughter is engaged I want her to have the gift of looking at her grandparent’s wedding pictures. I want her to feel, not just see, the love that was on that day. The day that was the beginning of it all. The love that set an example for her and the love that she always longed for.


I believe in the legacy of love, love that’s fought for, love that’s worked at, selfless love, love that you don’t give up on, love that beats 50%, love that’s given to others without reservation, love that you pass on from generation to generation-that kind of love changes the world. It changes those around you, from a stranger to a friend to a spouse. That kind of love changes marriages and therefore family trees. Love changes the way we parent & the way we see the world.


I take pictures to tell the story, the story full of thousands and thousands of words. I take pictures so that the legacy of today can be shared tomorrow. My goal is that the people we touch in a small way or in a big way can feel love and have hope. Hope that their marriage can beat the 50%. Hope that love and kindness is all that truly matters. Hope that love is real and it’s possible for all.  Hope that love changes things.


1st Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.



Here’s to faith, hope, & love


Janelle Rose

White Rose

Hello Friends,

This is the beginning of my White Rose series. What is the White Rose series you ask? This series is all about my younger sister who has special needs. I’ll be sharing little pieces of her life and how she’s impacted others. Regarding the title, “White Rose”: I chose “White” because she’s my angel, and “Rose” because that’s my middle name and she is the reason I am who I am today. Any good in me is because of her.

Let me introduce her, drum roll please…….

Boom boom boom

Her name is Elaine Nicole and she is 21-years-old, full of joy, sass, and love. She was diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome when she was 2 years old. If you are unfamiliar with this disorder, here is a little info from the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association website (link is also provided in case you want more info!)

“Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is a genetic disorder that occurs in approximately one out of every 15,000 births. Some symptoms are: low IQ, a heightened interest in food which leads to obesity, short stature, loads of sassiness(not really, but really), & obsessive compulsive tendencies.” For more info head over to this site:–nbjN8tMCFVhMDQodOtULug


She has the tiniest little hands and feet but the world’s biggest laughter and heart. The color orange, cats, rosters, & puppies make her smile.  For those of you who have a friend, sibling, or child with special needs, you can imagine the earthquake that ran through our family when we found out. It is earth shaking but also life creating. The Lord took my family down a different path when she was born. To me, she is our families’ little jackpot. I will be sharing many more stories of her life so please stay tuned!


P.s. I can’t wait to share the photo session I have planned with her, EEK! Might be my favorite photo session idea yet!



P.s.s. I’d love to hear your stories too! If you’ve been impacted by someone with special needs send me your story at I want to include your stories in a little project I’m working on!



Janelle Rose

Ice Ice Baby

This post is about my recent trip to Iceland and why it needs to be added to your travel bucket list!


Before I get into my favorites, just a few things to note if you are planning a trip to Iceland. The food is extremely expensive, like $30 for a grilled cheese expensive, so you can only imagine what seafood prices were. We bought groceries for most meals to cut down on cost, which I highly recommend! The weather and driving conditions can be unpredictable, especially in the winter, just prepare yourself for that by checking the driving forcast daily and stay safe! The time of year you go will affect what you can see. We went in late April and were very lucky to see the Northern lights, however the best time to see them is in the winter months(Sept-mid April). If you do go in the winter you also have a chance of seeing the ice caves- something I wish I could have seen. I suppose I will need to go back! Now onto my favorites.


1. Hot Springs


We were blessed and got to visit natural hot springs created from the volcanos on our trip. I had two favorites. The first was the most popular-The Blue Lagoon. This is a good place to stop either your first day or your last day as it’s not too far from the airport. It was stunning and has certainly earned its spot as one of the 8 natural wonders of the world. We had many moments where we just stopped and couldn’t believe where we were. The second spring was the Seljavallalaug Pool. You’ll find this pool along Ring Road, which is a major road in Iceland that allows you to see many sights in the southern part of the country. I loved this pool but it wasn’t as spa-like as The Blue Lagoon. We had to hike in the snow/rain/70mph winds to get there. We then had to go against every muscle in our body that was telling us “No, stay layered up, stay warm, do not go swimming in winter”, & instead change into our swimsuits. I would like to note that the unheated changing rooms were more like a mud rooms, so bring your flip flops, but I suppose that just adds to the experience! We entered the pool to find it lukewarm and algae filled. However, throughout it all, my heart was filled with joy. It was the people and the view that made it worthwhile.


2. Waterfalls


If you are fond of chasing waterfalls, this is the trip for you. Everywhere you looked there were waterfalls. My favorite was Seljalandsfoss. Not only was it stunning from the front but I found out there was a trail that took you behind the waterfall. With a ton of convincing I got everyone to come with me to explore this trail. We got to run/skip/dance behind this waterfall. This is where you will need your water-proof clothing as we were drenched and it was freezing, but oh did my heart beat alive!


3. The Northern Lights


BY FAR MY FAVORITE THING. The entire trip I had my gaze fixed to the sky, hoping and praying for a glimpse of the famous northern lights. It was either too cloudy or the lights weren’t active enough to be able to see them. Day after day my hope was fading, until one night my prayers were answered. We were up in the middle of the mountains in the tiniest of cabins(seriously only enough room for a kitchen table and two beds) that luck was on our side. My brother in law was fiddling around with his camera when he saw it, THE NORTHERN LIGHTS. We all freaked out like children, got bundled up, and ran outside to the prettiest sight I’ve ever seen. We watched as the lights danced across the sky & it only got more vibrant the darker and later the night got. Needless to say, we didn’t get much sleep that night and it was the highlight of the trip.






If you are in a place in your life where you feel like you just need to be still, Iceland is the trip for you. It was such a blessing to disconnect from my phone and hear my soul speak. As I watched the sights pass by, mountain range after mountain range, the geysers, the hot springs, glaciers, the thousands of waterfalls, I find bliss in the stillness. I know this will be one of my favorite trips for the rest of forever and I encourage you to add this to your bucket list. You will not be disappointed.

The Book of Blank Pages

In the fourth grade I was gifted a book for my birthday, a book of blank pages. As a small little fourth grader I was delighted as my imagination filled with the colors of words I’d use to fill each page. In my childhood, I spent much time up north surrounded by nature, being forced to be still and reflect. What I didn’t know then, was all those times when I wanted to be back home with friends, when I was missing out on the pool parties and movies, they had a purpose. I was building up the skeleton of who I am. While I had no choice but to be in nature weekend after weekend with my family, it actually was the quiet sound of the stream and the walks through the forest that shaped me. I wrote it all down in my book of blank pages & it helped me to discover the parts of me I didn’t know existed. I was forced to be still and write. I was thankful for the creativity it allowed me, the freedom, and the growth. From the fourth grade to college I filled up many books of blank pages. The topics ranged from my many crushes, to hardships, confusion, and my joy. It brought me more happiness and clarity than I knew, so why’d I stop? I think it’s because I got distracted. Distracted by the busy noise of the world. The world is constantly shouting for our attention, and I need to get back to the whisper. I need to get back to the stillness of words. The whisper of my thoughts, pen onto paper. (or in this case fingers onto keyboard) Hence the creation of this blog.

This blog will be where I share my passion of photography, my travels, my hardships, my love of all things editable, and the silly little things that make me human. Stay tuned, many more things to come!