Questions questions & more questions

When we were young, we’d overwhelm our parents with questions. Why is the sky blue? Why don’t they get along? Do I have to? 

At some point we stop, we stop asking the questions. I want to ask you, why?
Elaine loves to ask questions. She asks the same question over and over and over, even though she knows she’ll get the same answer. She’ll ask silly questions to strangers such as, “do you own a vacuum?” or “what do you do when you see a bear”? she’s not one for small talk. She asks many questions about meal times, because food takes up a majority of her thoughts. I mean food also takes up a majority of my thoughts(anyone else?), however for her it’s compulsive. To understand the plan for the day she asks questions and when something doesn’t go to plan she’ll ask many many many more questions as to why that is.
I grew to love and appreciate the questions. Because it got me to thinking, when did our childlike curiosity end? Through her questions I was forced to answer things I otherwise wouldn’t think about. Why am I doing a certain thing? Is it important?
I’m sure our parents didn’t enjoy being ask the questions, but they are important. They are challenging us to think differently.
Elaine is such a gift- she’s given me patience to listen through the repetition. If you are getting annoyed with her questions, she senses it, and asks more and more and more. You have no choice to be patient–which carries out into many other relationships. She makes people stop and question the way things are and why they are that way. Are you ok with it? Is it right? Her millions of questions inspire questions in me and I hope they can inspire questions for you as well.

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