The Book of Blank Pages

In the fourth grade I was gifted a book for my birthday, a book of blank pages. As a small little fourth grader I was delighted as my imagination filled with the colors of words I’d use to fill each page. In my childhood, I spent much time up north surrounded by nature, being forced to be still and reflect. What I didn’t know then, was all those times when I wanted to be back home with friends, when I was missing out on the pool parties and movies, they had a purpose. I was building up the skeleton of who I am. While I had no choice but to be in nature weekend after weekend with my family, it actually was the quiet sound of the stream and the walks through the forest that shaped me. I wrote it all down in my book of blank pages & it helped me to discover the parts of me I didn’t know existed. I was forced to be still and write. I was thankful for the creativity it allowed me, the freedom, and the growth. From the fourth grade to college I filled up many books of blank pages. The topics ranged from my many crushes, to hardships, confusion, and my joy. It brought me more happiness and clarity than I knew, so why’d I stop? I think it’s because I got distracted. Distracted by the busy noise of the world. The world is constantly shouting for our attention, and I need to get back to the whisper. I need to get back to the stillness of words. The whisper of my thoughts, pen onto paper. (or in this case fingers onto keyboard) Hence the creation of this blog.

This blog will be where I share my passion of photography, my travels, my hardships, my love of all things editable, and the silly little things that make me human. Stay tuned, many more things to come!



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